Lots of nastiness

Is it me or is the blog-world getting a little bit nastier every minute? Chris is pissed at Palm, Geek is aggravated with Spam Assasin, (albeit he seems quite a bit less aggravated than Chris *L*), and to top it all off, Doc is pissed about something Andrew Orlowski wrote in which he made stupid, childish statements about Beth Goza (who has apparently taken down her blog as it is now 404’ing). Actually I shouldn’t say that, Andrew made stupid, childish statements about all bloggers, didn’t he? To quote:

Of course, you’ll argue: we’re just being mean. Online journals give a billion people who can’t write and who have nothing to say the means to publish. It’s good!

To which I reply: here’s a mechanism which allows a billion people who can’t sing, can’t write a song or make an original beep, and have nothing to express, the means to deafen me with their tuneless, boring cacophony. Get a producer!

Hey Andrew, get a clue, no one is making you read Beth’s blog, or any other blog for that matter. If you don’t like it, leave, and you know where you can stick your elitist, “Big Journalism” attitude!

Later: Dave seems to think that Doc’s outrage was in part due to Beth being a woman. Perhaps, and ultimately if Orlowski had simply critcized Beth’s writing, as mean as we might see that as being, bloggers do write in public and should expect some form of public criticism. So I wouldn’t have had much to complain about if that was all he was doing, but his concluding paragraphs are pretty obviously a veiled reference to non-professional writers, and how he thinks they should not be writing. I came away with the feeling that we are somehow offending him by writing. And to that I say he’s an elitist and he can shove it! Correct me if I’m wrong about what he’s saying…

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