One down, how many more to go?

I caught one person not following instructions yesterday, and I’m sure I’ll catch more at some point in the near future. You see, over a month ago, our pseudo-ISP changed some of their network setup. They sent me the information in an email. I needed to get everyone’s DNS server changed, which is a simple change in Control Panel/Network/TCP-IP Properties. The old information would still work, for now, but might have some downtime that the new entries would route around. I sent out a very detailed email with all of the instructions on how to do this to everyone on staff, I even suggested that if they had problems following those directions to let me know and I would come do it for them. Yesterday, one of our staff decided to upgrade to IE 6.0. (I haven’t made that mandatory yet, I probably should, but so many people just don’t use the web that often that they can use 5.5 and be perfectly fine. Besides I use Mozilla most of the time so it’s not like we have a standard.) After the installation program she found that her connection was flaky. Sometimes a page would load, sometimes it wouldn’t. I checked our internet connection and everything seemed fine from other machines. I suspected maybe an incorrect installation or something like that, but I then went and checked her DNS settings, and sure enough, she had never changed them. I did that, and everything went back to working just fine and dandy.

At some point in the near future, our ISP is going to completely remove the old DNS server and people who hadn’t made this change are going to see their internet connection go “bye-bye”. Maybe then they’ll learn to pay attention when I ask them to do something! Or, maybe I should just admit defeat and do it for them. Nah, where’s the fun in that? 🙂

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