So I promised Buzz, after some email exchanges, that I’d download a trial version of ActiveWords sometime soon. Now, this particular piece of software has been on my radar since I first saw Scoble using it at Gnomedex I back in 2001. The problem I’ve had with it, and the reason I’ve never really bothered to try it out before, is all me. It’s actually a nice little tool, that I’m sure would come in handy for a lot of people in a lot of situations but I don’t know how I’d use it. I’ve been using Windows since version 3.1. I’ve gotten pretty used to using it, and I don’t know that I can handle a major change in the way I use my computer! We’ll see, I’m going to load it on the laptop, which seems to me the one machine that I usually try and be quicker on, and I’ll let you all know after I’ve been using it for awhile how it works, and whether it makes enough difference to get me to change the way I compute!

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