Just wanted to give a thank you to some people, whoever they are. 🙂

Since we’re nearing the end of the quarter, I decided to check out what, if anything, was going on with commissions from either the One Man IT Department store at CafePress and the Amazon affiliate links. It seems that while no one’s really been buying anything at the store, 5 people have listed it as the referrer for their own stores and the small referrer fee I’ve been getting off their sales has my balance up to $15.50. Meanwhile Amazon got two new orders from my links the other day that haven’t been credited as $$ yet, but the current balance there is $12.17. Neither is high enough for them to send me a check yet, but they are getting closer, and when they finally do, half of the proceeds will go to Prevent Child Abuse America. So thank you, and consider this my way of keeping open books, m’kay? (I ain’t no Enron!) 🙂

I should really consider starting a store at CafePress for, shouldn’t I? I have some ideas for t-shirts and stuff, just gotta find time to do it!

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