Brain dead…

Don’t you just hate when you get in a panic about something and spend far too much time on it, only to discover that it was your own stupidity that caused the problem to begin with?

I needed to move some stuff from my work PC over to my laptop to take home. The easiest way to do this is simply plug my laptop into a spare network connection, give it the proper IP configuration for the work network and go. Except when I plugged it in, I couldn’t connect to the network. Couldn’t do anything, not even ping the gateway. I was concerned that maybe one of the ports on the switch was bad so I took it somewhere else. Same problem. Uh-oh. Off to the wiring closet I go, I plug it directly into one of the switches, still nothing. I’m starting to run through all the possibilities in my head, trying to remember if I’ve had this problem before. Oh yeah, I have had a similar problem before using an ethernet connection. It was at home, when ZoneAlarm was blocking file sharing, and it went away when I disabled ZA. Guess what was running on the laptop that I had forgotten to disable before attempting to access the network? Duh…

Nothing like using a firewall to block yourself from actually getting any work done!

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