Hectic Monday

Today is one of those perfect convergence days, where the first of the month, and therefore month-end reporting, falls on the same day as the first Monday of the month, which means the bi-weekly website database updates, with the added bonus of today being the last day before the election, spurring all sorts of last-minute activities, and panics among the legislative staff. Thus far all of their requests and panics have been relatively simple for me to take care of, but you just never know…

Speaking of relatively simple, that extra outside project I took on last week turned out to be simple, I was actually able to take care of all of it within 2 lunch hours here in the office, so that was an easy 2 hours worth of work at $20 per hour. (I gave him a discounted rate, one because there was no travel hassle involved, and two, because I really don’t want to quibble over money with someone who works in the same buidling I do!) Now I’ve just got to figure out which websites/utilities I’m going to be donating some of that to. I decided to keep that seperate from the money raised by the Child Abuse site to donate to Prevent Child Abuse America, which you can all help with by simply following the Amazon links and making your Amazon purchases.

OK enough of my salesmanship, just thought I’d drop that reminder in as the holidays approach! 🙂

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