New wireless connection

Last night, the intermittent drop outs of my wireless connection due to the old SMC router finally drove me over the edge. So I figured, it’s an old router, surely there’s a firmware update, right? Turns out there was, and it turns out that doing the upgrade got rid of the intermittent drops.

I couldn’t connect in the first place.

Well the old router was only ever compatible with 802.11b and my new laptop is 802.11g, not to mention WPA, compatible, so maybe it was just fate’s way of telling me to plunk down some cash on an inexpensive access point.

So, after dinner I was off to do some self-Christmas shopping and picked up a Belkin router. Not the top of the line, really closer to the bottom of the line, but I don’t need the extra speed of the 108 models, the 54 will do me fine for my laptop. After some initial problems, (Who knew the default channel, 11, was completely invisible in my house?!) everything seems to be working properly.

And it hasn’t dropped yet… 😉

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