Missed opportunity

So Angela and I scored some passes to the premiere of Zodiac earlier this week. It was a pretty good, intense, dramatic kind of movie. But I felt like something was missing. See, towards the end of the movie Jake Gyllenhaal’s character becomes completely obsessed with finding out who the Zodiac Killer is, and “solving the puzzle”. So much so that there’s a scene in his house, after his wife and kids have left him where he’s sitting on the floor completely surrounded by case files, and boxes of research, and she comes back and tells him she can’t let the kids see him like this, that he needs to end this.

If Jake would have looked at her and said “I don’t know how to quit this”, I would have fallen out of my chair with laughter and declared it the greatest movie ever made. Alas, they stuck with the script and continued along the dramatic path without the comedic interruption.

Yeah, there’s probably a reason I don’t write movies… 🙂

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