So far, so good

Looks like the patching for DST has worked out well for our office. Of course, we won’t really know until tomorrow morning when those folks who never restarted their PC’s to get patched, despite numerous requests to do just that since we made the patches part of an AD startup script, show up and freak that their appointments are all off. We’ll see how many of those we have…

About the only thing that seems off is Postini. Their 1:00PM quarantine summary didn’t come out until 2:00PM. I’m guessing those servers haven’t adjusted to DST yet. Nothing major really.

Anyone see any real problems?

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  1. I was a little surprised to find that the Win2K boxes I “fixed” with tzedit didn’t actually notice the change until I double-clicked the clock, switched to the timezone panel, and clicked OK without doing anything, but since I’ve got a bunch of boxes using Centurion Guard to lock them down, where I have to physically unlock them and reboot to keep them from changing another hour every reboot, having to do that isn’t too much added pain.

  2. We saw a bunch of XP machines not get a time update. Most of them were people who didn’t follow directions earlier in the week to change their time zone and then change it back so the patch applied fully, we heard from folks who didn’t follow directions when it came to checking calendar appointment, and we had a handful of blackberries that never finished installing the patch, but were left in time zone limbo!

    Could have been worse, I guess.

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