CT Summation iBlaze 2.9 Pre-Release

They haven’t released the new version to partners, yet, but I did spend some time on a webinar taking a quick look at it. I found it really interesting that they are moving away from the alternating menus and toolbars based on your view. Basically, much like Office 2007, only well before Microsoft did it, the menu options and toolbars would change as you moved from database views, to image view to eDocs view, etc. In 2.9 they’re changing it. Now the menu, search box and main toolbar will always remain in view, as is. Options not available in the view you are currently in will be grayed out.

They are adding a small toolbar that sits at the top of the individual view, that is where you’ll have quick access to options that are specific to that view. It’s interesting that they are going to this because of the large number of complaints they’ve gotten about users getting confused with the other layout. I wonder if this will help the software be easier to use for most people, or harder for those who have managed to get used to it the way it is? I’ve heard plenty of complaints myself about how hard it is to navigate around, so I’ll be interested to see, when we get around to upgrading, if that fixes those, or makes it worse.

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