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Legal World Catching Up With Trend to Efficiency

So, if the trend for 2010 coming from LegalTech is toward efficiency, can we assume that law firms, finally, are starting to realize they are just like every other business?

Also, does the fact that the legal industry is just now starting to look at using technology to be more efficient prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that law firms typically lag behind other businesses? I think it does, after all the entire tech/internet revolution is about communicating and sharing information more effectively. Believe it or not, law firm IT departments don’t put in new infrastructure and tech tools just to make you uncomfortable, it really is to help the attorney’s they support work more efficiently. Other industries have implemented tools in the name of working smarter. law firms have typically lagged behind in that regard.

Then again, as someone who works with technology, I do have to wonder if we are keeping that priority at the forefront of our minds? Our job is not to limit the amount of network congestion, or make sure no possible harm can come to the PC’s that sit on the desktops of our users. It’s to make those users more efficient. I do wonder sometimes, when I talk to other IT pros, if that’s their first priority.

As I spend much of my time trying to come up with ways to market the Litigation Support services we provide to the attorneys in our firm, I keep coming back to this idea. How do I convince them not just that the tools we have are solid, and useful, but that they do, in fact, help them be more efficient in their work? It’s a tough sell, but one I have to make if I’m going to get any of them to reconsider how they practice and how technology might help them. If anyone has had some rousing success with that, leave a comment and let me know what you did! I can always use the suggestions.

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