I did finally decide on using Buddypress to roll my own social network to replace the Child Abuse Survivors Network that is currently on Ning. I’ve been spending quite a bit of my free time this week installing it, testing it, adding plugins, testing some more, fixing issues, removing plugins that weren’t working, and just generally getting geeky with it.

I do have to say that there are some plugins, and folks who’ve been posting in the help forums for both Buddypress and WordPressMU that I couldn’t have done without. I do believe once I have the launch this weekend under my belt, I’ll be going back and making some donations to developers. I’m still a bit nervous about hosting it, but it’s a small network so hopefully the load won’t be too much for my hosting account to bear. We’ll see when I open it up, and start importing users from the Ning network. (Oh yes, there is already a plugin for that, that’ll be stop one for donations!)

So we’ll see what happens when it gets announced. Keep your fingers crossed, and if you have any Buddypress plugins that you consider must haves, leave me a comment!

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