Back from Vacation – Photos in Changing Environments

Obviously, I was having too much fun exploring Ireland and Scotland to spend much time updating anything around here the last couple of weeks. I took over 1500 photos and plan to maybe upload a selection of them to Flickr in small batches, as I have time to work on them. With ILTA10 right around the corner, I wouldn’t expect many of them to get up there all that soon if I were you, though. 😉

One thing that was quite the challenge for me in Ireland was the constantly changing weather, and lighting environments, as I wandered around. For photographers, lighting is sort of important, yet in Ireland I ran into situations where I was shooting in sunlight, and suddenly, it wasn’t sunny. For example, one late afternoon after returning from a tour I was walking towards the River Liffey and realized that the late-afternoon sun would make for some really nice shots. However, by the time I walked 3 blocks and got myself situated along the river, it was raining. Fifteen minutes later, it had stopped raining, but had become rather windy and overcast. So I headed back up O’Connell Street, only to have that late afternoon come back for a bit, only I was now shooting elsewhere, and I decided to stay where I was rather than run the risk of heading back to the river only to have the sunlight disappear again.

So, many of my pics from Ireland will need some post-processing work to adjust for the varying light situations. Meanwhile, we spent a week in Scotland and had one half-day of rainy and cloudy weather, with the rest being beautiful sunny days. That’s ridiculously rare, as many of the locals we talked to wanted us to move there in order to keep the weather luck we had! That helped make my photography a bit easier!

Still, the trip was wonderful, and I have so many memories tied to these photos that I will cherish them for years to come. I hope to be able to share some of the stories and history of both Ireland and Scotland along with the photos. Hope you enjoy them, when I get around to putting them up!

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