Mind-mapping software advice?

I mentioned this a while ago and have had some conversation about it on-line, but I’d really like to hear from fans of mind-mapping software. Doesn’t matter which software, any will do for this discussion.

What I want to know is, what is it about mind-mapping that attracts you to doing it? Every time I have sat down to try it out, I wind up opening this very complex tool that would allow me to do all sorts of brainstorming, and using it to create a list or outline.

I can create a list anywhere.

Is it simply a matter of the way my mind works, and thus this tool wouldn’t be overly useful to me, or am I really missing something here? I’ve seen people rave about doing mind-maps, and I just don’t see it when I try.

In the end, I like my lists. I don’t see a huge benefit to moving away from lists, but maybe I’m not quite wrapping my head around it the way I should.

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  1. I think you get them or you don't. For me the semi-structured approach (tree-branch) helps define things. The ability to show & hide detail (collapse/expand) in a software map enables you to store/access data far better than a list (although an outline tool sort of comes close). I have a reference map for my application builds (for cad machine) and use it effortlessly. Was shocked to find when output to Word it's over 100 pages because, as a map, I never really see all of it. I just expand the bit I need.

    As I use graphic software (CAD) the zoom, all in one space (rather than pages) presentation is very natural. It approximates how you work with designs in the pc, zooming into work on detail.

    This YouTube shows how I use MindManager as a source for software system documentation + have added a link to my mapping related posts on this comment.

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