Unprofessional Marketing Materials

Is it just me, or does unprofessional stuff showing up in marketing materials change your impression of a company? Case in point, when they send marketing emails as high-priority items, or send an email with so many included images that it slows down your Outlook, do you think less of the product they are selling?

Yes, today I got an email marketing a conference marked as high-priority and including 19 images of all the sponsor logos. It doesn’t do much for how I feel about that conference, I tend to feel like if you’re this careless with technology in your marketing, you wil be with everything else too.

Same thing goes for obvious mistakes in your marketing materials. You may be pushing a great product, but if you can’t be bothered to get spelling, grammer, or minor details correct, why should I think you’ll get other things correct?

Or maybe I’m just getting grouchy in my old age. 🙂

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