ILTA09 Update: No time to blog!

There’s one more day to the ILTA conference and though I started out well with a couple of blog posts on day one, day two and three have gone by with nothing but a few tweets! Frankly, there is just so much going on here, great educational sessions, good meetings and information gathering sessions with vendors, people to talk to, games to play, drinking, dancing, eating, etc. that it’s all a little bit overwhelming!

I’ve picked up a ton of ideas from the sessions and talking with other folks that I want to think more about, and look into more, that I imagine they will keep me busy, and probably drive much of how I try and accomplish things through at least the rest of 2009, if not well into 2010. That’s a pretty good ROI for a conference, I would think!

Above and beyond that, having the chance to speak, working with some great people in planning, and presenting, has been a tremendous experience. I never really set out to speak at ILTA, as I mentioned in the session this morning, but now that it’s done, I couldn’t be happier that the opportunity presented itself. Not because I love just being in front of people (I actually don’t), but because I got to work closely with people I really do admire and enjoy. I have to thank Tony Hartsfield, for suggesting it in the first place and putting my name in front of the right people, Sean Luman, the Enterprise 2.0 track chair, for taking a chance on an “unknown” speaker, and of course Jenn Steele, my co-presenter, who was an absolute joy to work with.

One more day, and I’m sure it’ll be filled with more great information, more great ideas and more great people. I’ve already met and chatted with so many of them, (more than I could ever try and list in this post, but trust me, if we’ve talked, you’re on that list!) but if I’ve missed you, stop me and say hello tomorrow!

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