Found the Limitations of Tumblr

In my never ending quest to explore, experiment and gain experience with getting my content in front of users on their favorite social media platforms, you may recall that I created a Tumblr blog. The initial account, and the main blog, started out as a blog about sports, which quickly got moved over to what is now my WordPress Sports blog.

The rationale behind going to my own blog was the desire to do more than I could with just Tumblr, especially since Tumblr does not really appear to be a platform that many people not using Tumblr ever, ever look at. I created a sub blog for photography at the time, that also became my photo blog, for the same reason.

I did, however, decide to leave those blogs intact, and push out the WordPress posts to them, based on my comments at the beginning of this post. If you’re a Tumblr user, I want you to be able to see and interact with me on your chosen social network.

Unfortunately, one of the limitations of Tumblr is how it works with sub-blogs, or secondary blogs. My main account was the sports blog, but the photo blog was my sub, or secondary blog, for that account. That works out well enough when you are publishing, but it can be very limiting from an interactions stand point. The problem is that when you “follow” or like anything from other Tumblrs, only your main blog profile shows up. That made it really difficult to interact with the photographer community over there, and Tumblr does not support switching your secondary blog into a main blog, or handing it over to another user as anything but their secondary blog. This didn’t really work as I had hoped.

So, after some research, I created a whole new profile, with a new photo blog on Tumblr.I made an attempt to bring over the old posts from the photo blog using a convoluted export to WordPress, import to a new blog method I found online, but wound up with all kinds of broken images. I went back through the last few months and cleaned that up, then deleted the rest. That’s ok, it gives me a chance to reshare some older photos like the one below, that had already been posted to the WordPress blog.

Morning Fog at Seal Rocks

So, much like the Facebook Page, and the Flipboard Magazine, this becomes another place to share my photography and get it in front of people who are unlikely to subscribe to the WordPress blog. It also gives me an avenue to share some other things that are not posted to the blog, and interact with other photography hobbyists on the different social networks, which could provide for some interesting things there, that you don’t see on the blog.

If nothing else, it provides more ways for me to experiment, and let’s face it, that’s what these sites are mostly about anyway! 😉

Any other Tumblr users out there? Does this limitation bother you as much as it did me?

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