Writing at Work

Well, I know it won’t be something I do a lot of, but in the last week or so I’ve had to do some researching and writing at work, starting with that blog post last week, and it’s just killing my motivation to write anything here in the evenings. Heck, I’ve been struggling just to post anything to Twitter! I’m not suffering from writer’s block, but perhaps writer’s burnout?

It’s a bit like spending a good part of your work day fighting malware infections and coming home to an infected PC, there’s just no spare mental energy for that, so it’ll sit until things change.

I won’t let the blogs just sit, that’s not acceptable to me, but you may see just some shorter thoughts, and just some link with a pithy comment or two of my own. Of course, as soon as I post this, there’s bound to be some idea floating around the ‘Net that makes me want to write multiple paragraphs! 😉

Anyway, bear with me while I figure out the best way to adjust to these new writing responsibilities, and if you have any suggestions that might help, I’m all ears!

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