Nikon D3000 At Night

Ceasar's Palace Tower

While I was in Vegas recently for the ILTA conference, I decided that would be a good chance to take the new camera for a spin. Of course, with the conference going on all day, my only opportunity to get out of the hotel was in the evening. I will say, that I was very impressed with the clarity of the images captured in lower light (Let’s face it, the Vegas Strip is never exactly a “low light” situation) even without a tripod. I definitely see a difference from the D50 in that regard, not sure if it’s better stabilization or the increase in megapixels in the newer model, but I feel like these images came out pretty well given the situation. Shooting at night, even in a place as bright as Vegas, without a tripod is always a bit of a gamble, but I’m happy with what I was able to get during a short walk.

Waiting for the fountains at The Bellagio

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