Also Turning off Disqus

One other thing I “cleaned up” this week was the commenting system. While I still think Disqus is a great idea, and I appreciate other sites that are using it and make it easy for me to comment using that login and track down conversations across multiple sites in one place, I started having a number of problems with it that make it not worth my time. At least for right now.

The problem is that I use the WP Social plugin to grab comments.likes etc. that are made on Facebook and Twitter. I then have to export those comments up to Disqus occasionally. That export has started to fail every time I do it. I want those comments more than I want to use Disqus for on site comments, especially since actual comments on the site itself have become pretty rare. Seems like most of the conversation is taking place on Twitter and FB now. (Which makes sense, it’s easier to retweet or like something than it is to have something to say in response to a post, so it happens more often.)

So we’re back to using the Social commenting system, which will show you conversations and reactions coming from some of the social networks. Given that, feel free to add your own comments to anything around here, on those sites or here!

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