Feds Have Always Claimed Technology Let Terrorists Hide

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I needed to go back to fix something way back from the early, early days of this blog, and I saw a headline that blew me away.

Lately, there has been much discussion about how the FBI, and others, claim that encryption will only be a boon to terrorists and is an imminent danger to national security.

Well it turns out they said the same thing about, of all things, Windows XP back in 2001:

The original link in that post had to be updated to an Internet Archive version of the story, so let me share some of it here:

Former Fed Says XP Poses a Security Threat
Expert says data scrubbing features could help terrorists hide evidence on their PCs.

A computer forensics expert and retired federal agent is trying to convince the U.S. government that Windows XP is a threat to national security and its distribution should be postponed.

Michael Anderson, president of New Technologies, says data scrubbing features in Windows XP Professional will make it impossible for federal agents and law enforcement to find and reconstruct digital evidence buried on computers, particularly those seized from terrorists.

Some things never change, do they?


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