Linked – How I Had My Gear and 3 Months of Photos Stolen in One Brief Moment

This is an important lesson for photographers, or anyone traveling with technology of any kind. I know I am paranoid about having my camera bag swiped when I’m traveling around with that, and just as paranoid when I’m hauling all of my tech stuff for work! How I Had My Gear and 3 Months of…

Linked – Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC

“Privacy advocates are warning federal authorities of a new threat that uses inaudible, high-frequency sounds to surreptitiously track a person’s online behavior across a range of devices, including phones, TVs, tablets, and computers. The ultrasonic pitches are embedded into TV commercials or are played when a user encounters an ad displayed in a computer browser….

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Linked – Outlook crashes when viewing HTML Messages – Outlook Tips

“Following the installation of the November 10 2015 updates, users may have problems with Outlook crashing when they view HTML messages. Windows 7 64-bit is definitely affected; other versions of Windows may be affected as well. “ Haven’t tried the fix yet, but I am definitely seeing Outlook crash since the updates installed last night…

Linked – Block chains: Hilton is the latest hotel suspected of blocking customers’ personal Wi-Fi

“IT ALWAYS seemed improbable that Marriott was the only one. Last year the hotel chain paid $600,000 to America’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to settle a complaint that it had blocked customers’ personal wireless modems and hotspots at “at least one” of its hotels, forcing customers to sign up for expensive in-house internet access instead….


Know What Your Kids Are Doing Online

From a British study on the dangers of kids being approached by dangerous people online, I noticed this little nugget: “The report, called Digital Dangers, found that nearly half of young people living at home say their parents only know some of their online activities. And one in ten said their parents knew nothing about…


Linked – Using Near-Duplication to Dedupe Document Collections Can be Dangerous

“The three major distinctions are:-Per Family (email + attachment) vs. Per Document Deduplication is performed on the family level, while near-duplication is performed on the document level. –Textual Analysis vs. File Analysis Near-duplicate detection uses only the text AND white space to compare documents, but deduplication uses a set of criteria based on the actual…