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Linked – Apple doesn’t understand photography

Image by Witer
Image by Witer

Interesting, because a lot of the examples given here are similar to ways I use the camera in my iPhone too. Yes, occasionally I use it to take photos, but when I’m really looking to shoot photos, I take my DSLR.

The iPhone is just the camera I have with me, all the time, which makes it great for recording information I’m going to need later, or documents that I want to have a digital copy of immediately, like receipts.

It certainly would be nice if Apple would make it easier for me to work with those sort of photos. As it is, I have one big folder full of stuff, and I have to remember to move things out when I don’t need them anymore, by manually selecting them from the folder.

There are better ways, if Apple will just understand how many of us use the iPhone camera.


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