Linked – Please stop charging your phone in public ports

Nothing is safe…

Truthfully, I’m putting this right up there with ATM skimmers though. I don’t care how many warnings you put out, people are not going to stop plugging in to power in public places. It’s simply not feasible for many people to always avoid it. Much like ATM skimmers haven’t stopped people from using ATMs, because at some point, you just have to take your chances that you aren’t plugging in to a hacked outlet.

“The cord you use to charge your phone is also used to send data from your phone to other devices. For instance, when you plug your iPhone into your Mac with the charging cord, you can download photos from your phone to your computer.

If a port is compromised, there’s no limit to what information a hacker could take, Paik explained.

That includes your email, text messages, photos and contacts. It’s called “juice jacking,” a term coined by researchers back in 2011. Last year, the same researchers demonstrated “video jacking,” using hacked ports and your phone’s video display to record everything you type and look at. “


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