Linked – Police: Uber driver was streaming Hulu just before fatal self-driving car crash

What a total cluster!

“Police obtained records from Hulu suggesting that Vasquez was watching “The Voice,” a singing talent competition that airs on NBC, just before the crash. Hulu’s records showed she began watching the program at 9:16pm. Streaming of the show ended at 9:59pm, which “coincides with the approximate time of the collision,” according to the police report.”

But, there’s also this:


While the report is bad news for Vasquez, the NTSB report also found that poor engineering decisions by Uber contributed to the crash. The NTSB report found that Uber’s software “determined that an emergency braking maneuver was needed” 1.3 seconds before the crash. Unfortunately, the vehicle wasn’t programmed to actually perform emergency braking procedures—nor was it programmed to alert the safety driver.

So a driver not paying attention assuming the AI would do all the work, combined with tech that isn’t quite that reliable, and now someone is dead.

Yes we need improvements on the AI, but I do wonder how that will result in more people assuming they can safely not even look at the road? Can we ever truly have technology that would allow that without closing off the roads to only those cars?


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