No Phishing

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Just because you are working in the comfort of your own home for now, doesn’t mean you should be any less aware and on the lookout for, phishing attempts. In fact, you should probably be even more alert.

“”For now, individuals are going to be a lot more targeted because they know there’s going to be a path to company assets,” said Stephen Breidenbach, co-chair of the cybersecurity practice at the law firm Morick Hock & Hamroff. “I would not be surprised to see an attacker posing as tech support targeting the employee who is outside of the office now.””

You’re going to be doing things differently, and people are going to be asking you to work differently and maybe even do some different things.

Some of them may be hackers.

Be suspicious, and verify first. And managers, instead of being ticked off that someone spent some extra time verifying the facts before responding to your request, you should be celebrating the fact that they take your data security so seriously. Those are the people you want working for you.

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