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Linked: Growing number of college students want future employers to include mental health benefits

Given everything we’ve seen in 2020, this probably shouldn’t surprise anyone. Young people who have been paying attention to what is happening to their peers as they head into the workplace, and their parents as they struggle with raising children while working from home, are interested in seeing more on the mental health front from potential employers.

“Cruzvergara says realizing these struggles, Handshake surveyed more than 1,000 college students about their mental health.

“Over 62% of our students want employers to think about mental health benefits as actually part of the compensation plan and I think that’s a huge shift. “

And yet, we still have a disconnect:

Porter says while most employees and employers realize mental wellness is important when it comes to productivity at work, just 34% of employers are actually offering those types of benefits.

If you want to compete for talent, I might keep an eye on what new grads are looking for in surveys like that.

Not to mention, the benefit of actually taking care of your current talent instead of watching them walk away to take care of their mental health.

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