Linked: Why Introverts Can Be the Best Public Speakers

It may not be a huge surprise to know that I agree with Neil Gordon on this one:

“It turns out that a public speaker’s most important asset isn’t their theatricality, their story, or how extroverted and boisterous they are.

It’s their capacity to help their audience to believe that change is possible.”

Look, just about anyone can learn to be a better public speaker. The speakers who really make an impact work on their presentation skills, but focus on having a message worth listening to.

People will forgive you not being the most theatrical speaker if you teach them something worthwhile.

Focus there, and stop believing your introverted nature disqualifies you from speaking. I should know, I’m an introvert who spent 5+ years as a full time trainer, speaking in front of groups of all sizes.

And, frankly, since I was more focused on teaching people something worth learning, I got to be pretty good at public speaking too.


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