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There are a few items in the article below that we should definitely be thinking about, the change to remote work, the change in how we train people, and even the importance of reskilling. Those things have become obvious over the last year. What is not so obvious, but what I am hopeful for is the same thing that A.J. suggests in the concluding paragraph:

“In the past, there was a tendency, even in family-friendly workplaces, to strictly separate life and work. While COVID hasn’t exactly allowed for a healthy work-life balance, we haven’t been able to hide our families, lives, or health from each other. Hopefully, this will make for a more compassionate workplace in the future.”

Will it? I hope so. I hope employers, executives, and managers can remember that the people who work for them are people, human beings with lives outside of work, and not just an expense to match up against productivity.

I hope. But I’m realistic too.

What We Learned In Lockdown

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