Linked: Gallup: U.S. workers are among the most stressed in the world

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In the end, maybe that’s the take away I would want any manager to have. That each of your employees is an individual, with individual issues in their own lives in and out of work. Don’t assume you know, and don’t assume they are all OK. Consider some of the larger points about how you can contribute in a positive way to support your employees.

After all, you can either do what you can to help, and keep them with you, or lose them when they realize that the job that does nothing but cause additional stress, with no support, isn’t worth their mental health.… Read More

How Work From Anywhere Could Help Repair a Broken Employer – Employee Relationship

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So, I left, for a job I could do from anywhere. And, most of all, I appreciate the fact that I can do this job from anywhere, even if the pandemic has meant doing it from the same exact spot in my house for the last 15 months. Because, when the time comes, I can be where I need to be, and continue working. That matters. That shows that the company trusts me, and I want to continue to earn that trust by meeting deadlines and getting my work done.

That kind of relationship, or culture if you will, seems to be missing from many companies based on what I’m seeing other people talk about, online and off. Yet, every company out there like top brag about their top-notch “culture”.

Culture isn’t what you say you do, culture is what you do together. And if, together, you have no trust between employees and management, well that’s your culture, regardless of what your mission statements says.… Read More

Linked: A Leader’s List Of Mental Health Concerns At Work

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There are a number of things in the article below to consider, but this is definitely the most timely:

“A profound lesson from the pandemic supports this theory, when so many people were suddenly relocated to home offices. We discovered (or rediscovered) that productivity rises when we leave people alone for hours at a time to work without interruption. Those gains are lost when we revert to interruptions, expecting employees to respond nearly immediately to endless incoming emails and messages.”… Read More

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