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Linked: Everyone is burned out. That’s becoming a security nightmare

OK fine, my near-weekly encouragement to see your employees as human beings first, and look out for them as human beings haven’t convinced you that burnout is a problem for your business. How about the fact that tired, burned-out employees eventually just check out and create a security nightmare?

“According to the survey, burned-out employees are more apathetic about workplace cybersecurity measures and are three times more likely to ignore suggested best practices.”

I’ve written before about my thought that employees use crummy passwords at work because they just don’t care about the things that password is supposed to be protecting, so it’s always nice to see a survey backing that up. Let’s face it, even the exhausted employee who still cares enough to try and do the right thing becomes more and more of a risk as they continue to overwork and make poor decisions out of just exhaustion. And those are the ones that still care.

How many employees don’t even care anymore, and what have you done to get them to care about your business?

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