Linked: Most Managers Don’t Listen Well

We already know there is a lot of bad management out there, but this is potentially a big part of the problem:

In a structured, carefully observed “tough conversation” setting with a direct report, managers tended to push their ideas rather than thoughtfully probing and involving the other person in a dialogue.

  • “Only 12 percent of the managers assessed the other person’s “readiness to proceed” with the meeting at the outset.
  • Only 28 percent asked questions to help understand the other person’s views.
  • Less than 25 percent “acknowledged the other person’s feelings.””

If you aren’t even trying to listen during difficult conversations how will employees ever truly feel valued?

This does explain some of the disconnects around managers wanting to return to the office when employees don’t, or managers feeling like they’ve made the effort to support employee mental health when employees don’t agree. In order to understand that what you’re doing isn’t working, you have to actually ask people.

And then you have to actually listen to them too. Try it, you might learn something.

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