An Important Balancing Point – Be Professional Always

I talk a lot about the Great Resignation and employees taking control over their own careers instead of just following along with what the company wants them to do. I stand by it, and like Mark, I am also thrilled that we are seeing a shift in the balance of power as employees start to recognize their value. But, he also raises an important post in the LinkedIn post.

As long as you are there and getting paid you owe them your best. Be professional, even if the company isn’t. Do your job even if you plan on quitting tomorrow. Commit your best efforts to the project even if you don’t agree with it.

Once you’ve left, hopefully, for something more rewarding and where your value can be properly recognized, think and say whatever you want to about this experience. While they are paying you though? Continue to give it your best.

If nothing else, don’t give them a reason to bad-mouth you in the future. There’s just no reason for it when you can leave professionally and not have to worry about what is being said about you in professional circles.

Believe me, those circles aren’t as large as you think they are. It’s a small world out there.

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