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Linked – 6 Problems L&D Can’t “Out-train”

Jess writes about the things even the best trainers can’t overcome in the post below. I liked all of them but found it especially telling that this was #1:

1). A manager who will not give feedback or provide coaching. Yes, we can train managers how to conduct these activities. But I have been involved in too many discussions where this is not the case. Instead, the request for training is a workaround for those reporting to this leader who aren’t getting the leadership they need from that person. Training can’t replace a manager who will not have these conversations with their team members.

Unfortunately, I have seen this a few times in my career. Even as a software trainer, I had people in the class who needed more than how to use the tool. They needed someone to tell them how this tool fits into the overall workflow that was in place in their environment. That needs to come from management. I wasn’t working in their environment so I couldn’t answer that. The fact that they didn’t know was a failure of management. Period.

I’ve also spoken to some in-house trainers who see this up close. People come to them because they lack some knowledge and hope the training will help them because their manager hasn’t given them clear direction. They don’t realize that they haven’t been getting a clear direction. They assume there is some skill or knowledge they are missing. Where do you go when there’s a skill you need? To Training and Development!

But the trainer can’t give you that clear direction about your job. That has to come from your manager.

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