Do We Travel Wrong?

According to William Chalmers, yes we do. Truthfully, as I read through his list of ways that Americans are taking vacations wrong, I found myself thinking that I’m guilty of some of them, even though I agreed with much of what he said. His ways we travel wrong: 1. We are addicted to mini-vacations. 2….


Company Polo Shirts

When you travel for business, you tend to see them everywhere. Yes, the golf shirt with the corporate logo on them. At trade shows they are omnipresent, if you spend enough time in airports you really do see them all. I get it, they are nice little marketing pieces, and if you do enough appearances…

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Office Space

One of the few things people think about when accepting the option of working from home, is how much space the job is going to require. Sure, if you’re a freelancer, maybe most of your “work” is on a computer or two, and maybe a couple of external hard drives for backup purposes. That can…

Ask Questions

I actually found much to agree with in this post about job interviews today, who’s main point is The most important thing you must do in every interview is to ask great questions. The author pointed out how it’s difficult to come across as really interested and engaged when you don’t ask questions, which hurts…