Are You Keeping Up?

Last night I posted about the idea that your employees using social networking tools, and gathering important information about yor business, your industry, etc. was a no-brainer. Today, I had a conversation with someone that really brought that point to home for me. Not that we were having a conversation about social networking per se,…


Can Social Media Make Your Company Smarter?

According to this, yeah. And this part in particular seems like a serious no-brainer. One method Klososky suggests to managers is encouraging employees to build personalized “rivers of information” that push specialized, real-time information about their industry or expertise to them by way of social technology tools such as RSS readers, Twitter and Digg. A…

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Make 2011 The Year You Learn More About E-Discovery

Ralph Losey is putting his money where his mouth is. After years of trying to encourage law schools to do a better job teaching e-discovery, he’s decided to take on that challenge himself, with the help of some friends. Earlier this week, he announced the opening of E-Discovery Law Training, an online course equivalent to…

I Love Being Right, A Wake Up Call for Management

As written by me, Jan 18, 2010: I’ve been thinking, for quite awhile now, that when the job market bounces back and people start to feel a bit more secure in looking around, there’s going to be a mass exodus, especially from the legal industry. Also, on April 26, 2010: It seems like everywhere I…

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Changing Education Paradigm

Saw this video over at Jim Canterucci’s blog originally. It certainly makes you wonder about the way we educate children, and how the education models hasn’t changed, despite the fact that the world has changed in most every other way. As I watched it though, I began to wonder how this applies to law schools….