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Linked – Champion public speaker says introverts can make better speakers

Image by SMU Central University Libraries
Image by SMU Central University Libraries

“”When you look at introverts, they tend to be a bit more empathetic,” he told Business Insider. “When you look at extroverts, they tend to project. But some extroverts project too much, and they block out the audience. It becomes all about them. Introverts are able to structure content in a way that draws energy off the audience.”

I’ve said it before about being a trainer and a speaker, it’s not about you. Some, not all, people see the opportunity to be in front of an audience as being all about them, and that’s why so many people who do get in front of an audience, are terrible.

It’s not about you looking good, it’s about the audience walking away with something you gave them. Introverts who are empathetic, get that.


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