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Writing Elsewhere on Social Networking

I was approached on the LitSupport Yahoo mailing list a couple of weeks ago about writing an article to talk about social networking by none other than Mark Lieb of Ad Litem Consulting, and author of Litigation Support Department. With his help as editor, the finished article is now posted over at the LSVA forums….

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It’s Called Managing, You Should Try It Sometime!

I know I said that I loved the entire post I pointed you to earlier from Stop Blocking, but there’s one line that really resonates outside of this particular issue. Who died and put CIOs in charge of worker productivity anyway? Iā€™m not sure when supervisors and HR abdicated this responsibility to IT, but IT…

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Why 54 percent of companies should stop blocking social media

I’ve made many of these same points myself, and made passionate arguments against blocking access to social media sites in the office, but I think this may be the most clear and concise list of reasons that I’ve ever seen. Why the 54% of companies blocking access to social media should unblock As they say,…

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Social Networking and Law, what’s not to love?

Thanks to Twitter today, I found a new law blog that covers nothing but the legal implications of Social Networking. Hence, the Social Networking Law Blog. If you know me at all, or read here with any sort of regularity, you already know that I’m subscribed! Megan had me at the title! šŸ˜‰