iPhone Apps and Social Networks

Being the avid social networker that I am, as well as an iPhone owner, of course I was excited to see that both the LinkedIn and Facebook apps were introducing features that let you sync information from those networks to your phone’s address book. However, after I got both updates, downloaded my LinkedIn contacts to my phone and turned on “syncing” in the Facebook app, a curious thing happened.

I noticed that some folks I am connected with on LinkedIn, who don’t happen to have a photo on their profile, and who I wasn’t even aware were on Facebook, suddenly had photos along with their contact information on my phone. It seems that the Facebook app was grabbing their publicly available information, which now includes the profile photo, by matching up the LinkedIn email address, even if I’m not connected to them on Facebook.

So, if you’ve got a somehwat questionable profile photo on Facebook, you might want to be aware that it may be getting attached to your LinkedIn info, and sent to folks you connect with there, despite your best attempts to keep your Facebook profile a secret from them! Consider this your warning. 🙂

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