E-Discovery Certification For Litigation Support Folks?

In all of the recent discussion about creating a certification for Litigation Support professionals to measure their proficiency in working with electronic discovery, I’ve always felt a strong push against the idea, but could never really articulate what about it bothered me. Today, in reading Chris Dale’s blog post about it, it clicked for me….

When plug-ins don’t work

There just something completely frustrating about discovering that an Acrobat Reader plug-in is causing random problems with various PC’s around the office. Especially when your PC is one of the one’s having a problem. In my case, certain behaviors in Reader, like clicking a link to another PDF on-line, caused the program to crash. Others…

Some days you just can’t win

The other day at work I spent quite a lot of time troubleshooting an issue with Acrobat Reader 7 and the plug-in that adds integration with our document management system, Interwoven’s Worksite. After much trial and error I figured out that even with the plug-in installed to the proper folder, the integration would disappear every…