You Get More of What You Measure

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Another reminder from the New York Times that organizations will get more of what they measure with their employees, so be careful what you measure. Some people fully embraced this culture and put in the long hours, and they … Read More

The Problem with Total Surveillance

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According to the emails I’ve received just in the past couple of weeks:

I’m actively seeking employment in Pennsylvania
I own rental property in Las Vegas
I have wives and children enrolled in schools in NC, VA and Canada.
I travel back and forth between San Francisco and New Zealand frequently
I frequent some “interesting” dating sites, including at least one that caters to cheating spouses. (Great, thanks to whoever used my email address to sign up for that at the same time my wife is across the country, that doesn’t look odd!!!!)
I am paying for cable internet/TV service for a young lady in Michigan. (Student using their stepfather’s payment info maybe?)
I shop at some online retailers in England.
Now, none of that is true… Read More

Depression Stigma in IT?

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So yeah, we need to talk about this. Not just in IT, in every industry and workplace. 1 in 10 Americans reports suffering from depression. If you have more than 10 people working in your company, there is a very, very good chance that someone there is dealing with depression, and is at risk. They, like me, need help. … Read More

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