Linked – Wellbeing Programs: Are Organizations Addressing the Cause

I’ve talked about this before, but this article adds things that cause stress within the job that aren’t addressed at all, like navigating work relationships, financial and career advice, etc.

“Bottom line: Organizations can design and implement workplace wellness and wellbeing programs that look great on a slide deck, but they will only have impact if the organizational culture and structures support it. Employees will figure this out. “

This is real “rubber meets the road” stuff. We know finances are a source of stress, for example. Your career development plans may include the details of how to get promoted, etc., as the best way to advance and increase your salary, but what if there are no career prospects in your organization? Then the program is just junk. This is no different than the sexual harassment policy that isn’t enforced against C-Suite executives or the written commitment to work-life balance when managers constantly require their people to be responsive 24×7. All junk.

Don’t let your programs be junk, fix the culture. Recognize how your culture contributes to the problem and then do something about it.

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