Still Waiting on a Mentor?

I really, really couldn’t agree more:

Everyone has a mentor available to them now. A few of their names are Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and Twitter. They will teach you how to do just about anything you can dream.

Am I advocating the replacement of people with technology? No, there is still something special about the human connection. That said, you can still find the right people in social media who are willing to meet with you over coffee to share their knowledge.

You have no excuses. Everything you need is available to you now. The processes, the classes, the latest information, demonstrations, authors and practitioners.

Go make your life now.

Truly, we live in a time where there is simply no excuse to not be learning constantly. We have more information available to us than we could ever process, yet so many are still waiting for someone to show them how to be better at their chosen profession and complaining about the lack of training provided by their employers. Take some initiative and learn on your own.

And then, when you know more about doing your job well than anyone at your company, leverage that ability for yourself. 😉

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  1. I’m glad you found the post valuable. It is amazing what you can learn online.


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