Linked: What It’s Like to Get Doxed for Taking a Bike Ride

So, the wrong guy got tracked down, publicly shamed, threatened and harassed, all in the name of “justice”?

As for the woman who shared his home address: She deleted it and posted an apology, writing that in all of her eagerness to see justice served, she was swept up in the mob that so gleefully shared misinformation, depriving someone of their own right to justice. Her correction was shared by fewer than a dozen people.

Social media has not yet learned that mob justice rarely leads to actual justice. This is a cautionary tale, but one that I doubt anyone will think about the next time the mob needs a scalp.

This is what social media is for many people. Being part of the mob makes them feel powerful, and the correction will never catch up with the outrage, no one cares about being correct, they care about the outrage, and once social media feeds them something to be outraged about, they move on to the next bit of outrage. Going back and correcting the record when they are wrong?

Yeah that’s not happening.

These are people who would have live-streamed the guillotine, in fact, I think many of them would be perfectly happy if we did start executing people for “wrong-think”, and streaming it live so they could relish in it. That’s a dangerous part of human nature that need not be encouraged.

Be careful with your shares.You may be helping do serious damage to the wrong person.

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