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Linked – The Paradise Papers, Nuix and the repurposing of discovery tools and skills

Chris is right about this, as eDiscovery tools and skills become more and more focused on “finding the right information”, they cross over into a lot of other areas, investigations, information governance, HR, and on and on.

“The object lesson for lawyers? The skills and tools which you originally acquire for eDiscovery open doors to a wide range of other activities which, whether or not they are the traditional province of lawyers, make use of the same attributes and technology.”

The only question is, and it’s something I saw often in my previous training career with Nuix specifically, is whether or not the people involved can transition into looking at things in new ways. It’s not as easy as it sounds, going from forensic investigations to eDiscovery, for example, requires thinking differently about the data, and your role. Not everyone can do that.

For those who can though, there is a lot of opportunity out there.

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