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We Can’t Win With Employers – Now Too Many People are Staying?

The thing is, there are still so many people who look at a resume with a few different jobs in the early years and see someone who is unstable, all the while employers are designing these jobs to turn over, and then laying people off when they don’t turn over as much as they expected them to. So maybe stop worrying so much about whether changing jobs is going to look bad and focus on finding a place where you can do the work that you want to do.


Linked – Gen Z Workers Aren’t the Problem. the Rest of Us Are.

The promise of working hard and being rewarded is hard to swallow when you’ve seen Gen X and Millennials work hard and get absolutely nowhere. Forced to start over again and again as successive organizations let them go, or went under, while the people who ran those organizations got paid millions.

With Social Media Companies Distancing Themselves from News, It’s Time For You to Learn About RSS

With Social Media Companies Distancing Themselves from News, It’s Time For You to Learn About RSS

In the interest of helping.

Check out this post with a tutorial on using Feedly. Or some of these other posts about RSS Readers.

Check out a newsletter service like Substack. – here’s my newsletter as an example.

Check out a Fediverse-based social network like Mastodon. No big companies, no data tracking for ad tech, just people and a small, but growing, number of journalists, sharing stuff. (Here’s my Mastodon profile, feel free to create an account and follow me.)

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The Obligatory Lessons Learned After Four Months Unemployed

So after 12 years, I’m back, but it’s very different. Because 12 years is a long time and things change fast around here. This opportunity only came about because I’ve been changing and now have something different to offer, that matches up with how the firm has been changing. I could have resisted learning all these new things over the years, but that would have also limited what I could do going forward. I’m really happy I didn’t do that. It might be the best career move I’ve ever made.

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