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Linked – Time Is A Management Tool, Not A Pricing Tool

It’s been an issue before, but firms have always been able to work around the edges, limiting the impact those efficiencies had on their overall billable hours. This feels different. The entire point of AI tools is to create significant efficiencies across the business world. Not using them will end many client relationships. They won’t accept that level of inefficiency. On the other hand, a firm investing in AI technology does not get a return on investment if their revenue method is hours worked.

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Is It Time to Retire Values Like Resiliency and Grit in the Workplace?

We are seeing a demand to create jobs that don’t require ever-growing amounts of grit and resilience. It’s not the worst idea I’ve heard. It places responsibility where it belongs—on employers. Instead of pushing people to break and replacing them with the next person and repeating the cycle, it allows workers to have a career and a life outside of work. I don’t think that is too much to expect.

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About Last Week

When I look back on those years, it breaks my heart to know that half (probably much more!) of the people in our industry exist as some version of me in my teens and twenties because they don’t feel safe. On a very personal level, it makes me cry for all the pain and hurt out there that I wish others didn’t have to know so well. On a professional level, it hurts all of us. How much better equipped could we be for technology changes and the challenges of working in the legal industry if there weren’t so many women and men who felt the need to hide to feel safe? How much more successful could your organization be if all of these folks felt safe enough to stop hiding their talents and ideas? Leaders, what are you doing to ensure that everyone feels safe? Are you telling them how to hide themselves better, or are you creating a space where they don’t need to?

It matters to the bottom line, it matters in terms of career development, and it matters personally to far too many people who have their own stories to tell about their own experiences in and around our industry. Listen to them. Let it hurt you to hear their stories. Let it be heavy for you to learn the truth. Let that hurt turn into a determination to put an end to it.