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Linked – Sure, You’ve Got an AI Policy, But Is Everyone Following It?

This seems like a true statement:

Seemingly every company and law firm has announced rules for the safe use of AI, but even well-crafted policies might fail the human-nature test.

I recently saw a suggestion that Microsoft customers who want to limit their users to Copilot start setting up blocks in Microsoft Defender for other Generative AI tools. I immediately thought, “Who is keeping track of everything we’d need to block?”

I think it might be impossible to block access to every website that is an AI tool. Would we have to block Google, for example? It also seems like I’m reading about a new AI tool just about every day, and I’m not trying to keep track.

This is not to mention all of the technology that our users already have, who are adding AI tools to the platform.

You can say that users aren’t allowed to use AI without approval, but as the link above points out, they’re going to anyway. And why wouldn’t they? Most of them are stressed and overworked, and you’re telling them not to use a tool that could cut some of the time spent completing assigned tasks.

Good luck with that.

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