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It’s Almost As If Remote Work Keeps Getting Better While Office Work Keeps Getting Worse

Now, I’m not going to even argue that remote work is better and helps people be more productive and innovative because you already know where I stand on that issue. Let me just throw this out there instead. When your workforce is remote you widen the pool of people who can work for you and want to work for you. That wider candidate pool invites more talented people to come work for you and talented people will find their own ways to be productive and innovative.

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Shared Links (weekly) Jan 7, 2024


Linked – The ripple effects of layoffs

It’s December, and the number of organizations conducting layoffs keeps growing. It’s been a never-ending cycle of layoffs. Let’s not kid ourselves and assume that everyone is feeling OK about that. Let’s not ignore the mental health elephant in the room, let alone the damage to workplace culture. And let’s also acknowledge that leaders who have conducted any layoffs do not get the benefit of the doubt regarding trust. There’s simply no reason to trust you.


Linked – The wrong way to define productivity

As the article mentions, this is a big reason why return-to-office mandates have destroyed the trust between management and employees. When I’m happily working remotely, finishing all of my tasks and projects on time, connecting with the people I need to collaborate with just fine, and reporting on the status of my work using the tools available, and you turn around and tell me that I need to be in the office to be more productive, I quickly see that for what it is. Despite the results, you don’t trust people to do their jobs.