Shared Links (weekly)

Shared Links (weekly)

Best Practices for Organizations to Mitigate Risks in Collaboration Software

McKinsey report: 62% of workers worry about their mental health

The way we train AI is fundamentally flawed

Estate planning means organizing passwords

Microsoft 365 is going full cop on employees with constant monitoring

Don’t Let Amazon Spammers Scam Your Grandma this Holiday Season

Why Start-Up Culture Still Hides Mental Health Struggles

5 meaningful ways to gift your employees this holiday

Proportionality: Cost Remains The Bottom Line in eDiscovery

C’mon! Bates Numbering Native Production is Easy!

This Is How To Make It Hard To Work With You

The cult of busy.

Loneliness Is A Mental Health Issue, Can Technology Help?

What I am Sharing (weekly) Sept. 20, 2020

What I am Sharing (weekly) Sept. 20, 2020

Five Strategies Building Relationships Remotely

Software Updates and Why They’re Important

Legal advice is often unaffordable. Here’s how more people can get help

This security awareness training email is actually a phishing scam

“A creative phishing campaign uses an email template that pretends to be a reminder to complete security awareness training from a well-known security company.”

No Internal Investigation Is Complete Without ESI

Observations from the Annual ILTA Conference:

Ransomware Increases by 715% in First Half of 2020

E-Discovery Platform RelativityOne Gets Its Next-Generation Interface, Aero UI

Internet Access Has Never Been More Important — and Unequal

What is mental health first aid? Why every workplace should offer it

5 TED Talks That Will Make You Better at Remote Work

Linked: Got An Email From A Hacker With Your Password? Do These 3 Things

Linked: Got An Email From A Hacker With Your Password? Do These 3 Things

Davey describes something that I’ve seen myself, and know others have seen as well. “The perpetrator will suggest that they are a successful hacker who has not only gained access to your computer but installed malware to record your activity, including taking control of your webcam. What’s more, to validate their hacking credentials, they will…

Linked: A conversation with an iTunes card scammer

Linked: A conversation with an iTunes card scammer

This is an interesting post, first because I’m surprised the iTunes gift card scam is still happening, and people are still falling for it, but secondly because I think the conversation is educational. Notice all of the weird excuses for why they can’t do it themselves, why they are unreachable by phone, the avoidance of…

What I’m Sharing (weekly) July 5, 2020

What I’m Sharing (weekly) July 5, 2020

Innovation Tips and Priorities for Mid-sized Law Firms UNPREPARED FOR THE DEEPFAKE? Beware “secure DNS” scam targeting website owners and bloggers How E-Discovery Software Is Helping Battle COVID-19 Let Yourself Be Unproductive. At Least for a Little While. Detroit police chief cops to 96-percent facial recognition error rate Microsoft Releases Undelete Tool – Backups are…